MUDr. Vera Dolejsova

Gesavit and its indication in my patients is always tested using the device EAV – Portable, from Embitron. I use the same test for establishing the daily dose. I have used the product in 15 patients.

8 patients diagnosed with mammary gland Ca and treated with chemotherapy

All the patients used 2 tbl daily, they tolerated chemo well, and I added some homeopathics. They reported significantly lower fatigue compared to other patients, and a quicker recovery of their body. Gesavit has no effect on hair loss.

1 patient diagnosed with generalised Ca, primary in colon, no conventional treatment

The patient takes Gesavit 4 tbl per day together with beta-glucan; he feels well, reports no pain, tumour markers have been mildly reduced after 3 months. 

2 patients diagnosed with mammary gland Ca, prior to treatment so far
The patients report no pain; they feel calmer, tumour markers are stable - i.e. the process has either stopped or slowed down.

2 patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, no conventional treatment
These patients are on Gesavit 50 mg 2tbl/day, homeopathic drainage and some homeopathics for psychological wellbeing. When adding Gesavit, they reported quicker regeneration after work.

1 patient diagnosed with chronic lymphatic leukaemia, no conventional treatment so far

In this case there was a decline of lab leukocyte values 1 month after the treatment started; currently the patient reports no problems. The next follow-up is in 2 months.


According to EAV test, Gesavit is more suitable for degenerative diseases.

MUDr. Vera Dolejsova
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