Immunity and immune system diseases - immunodeficiency

Immunity and immune system diseases

The immune system is a vital component of the human organism, which makes it possible to live in an unsterile environment, confront the effects of hostile microorganisms and prevent diseases. Today’s fast paced lifestyle, too much stress, unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise and polluted environment weaken the immune system and as a result the body is more susceptible to develop gastroenterological, gynecological or oncological diseases. Every disease represents a burden for the body so it is gentler and more advantageous to prevent diseases and strengthen the immune system soon enough. Boosting the immunity is a must in today’s hectic life and it should be a natural part of a healthy lifestyle. That is why using the right natural food supplement has a very positive effect on the health and the quality of life. 

Weakened immune system (Immune deficiency/immunodeficiency)

Healthy lifestyle can prevent most acquired immunodeficiency disorders. When the immunity is weakened and illnesses occur frequently, the most important is to prevent further damage to the immune system. At first place the diet should be improved - it is not a well known fact that sugar and refined wheat in pies, biscuits and cakes suppress the immunity through the reactions of insulin (a hormone that regulates the level of sugar in the blood) and growth factors. Frequent consumption of these products contributes to the development of fungus and growth of yeast cells in the body (most often of a genus Candida), which are hard to cure. Healthy food with enough vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables helps to boost the immunity in a natural way. However, it can be difficult nowadays to put together the right cocktail so the easiest way to boost immunity is to use natural food supplements, which will sufficiently strengthen the immune system especially during seasons of flu and cold. As well, we can help to boost the immune system by regular cold showers, adequate fluid intake, outdoor exercise, quality sleep and most importantly we should focus on our well-being and laugh a lot. 

If we do get sick (and in certain circumstances, it surely happens to everyone), it is important to deal with the immunodeficiency and start strengthening the immune system to prevent larger damage (heart gets often damaged during uncured tonsillitis) or transition of a disorder to chronic stages. Taking antibiotics can cause the immunodeficiency too, because they destroy unwanted cells in the body, but at the same time they kill cells we need to protect our organism. As a result antibiotics weaken the immune system so, if possible, they should be either replaced or complemented with a natural food supplement to strengthen the immune system.


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2 x 50mg a day / 1 month 


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